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Drillcut Fastners

Drillcut Fasteners outgrew their Broadmeadows headquarters. This growth provided the company with an opportunity to relocate to nearby premises and create a brand new office fitout. 

Being a leading Australian supplier of high-quality products and customised solutions to the construction industry, the company sourced a location that featured a large warehouse and office spaces. This Broadmeadows sit proved to be the ideal facility for their increasing staff and stock requirements.

The large area meant that an extensive project was to be completed. Drillcut Fasteners engaged Bowen Interiors to assist with designing and constructing a complete refurbishment at the new premises. 

The brief requested a complete business analysis of personnel, space, facilities, ergonomics, and IT requirements. With this knowledge, develop a design taking the company to the next level of expertise and performance in all areas. Simultaneously, the outgoing tenants also requested assistance to meet their ‘make-good obligations, tieing this in with the refurbishment works to reduce the impact on costs, time, and unnecessary waste.

A business analysis session with Drillcut stakeholders was conducted. This was to gather as much information as possible and understand what they wanted to achieve from the project. It was important to be aware of what the company valued most and continue to drive its employees and business forward.


After gaining critical data relating to styling, current & future personnel numbers, personnel space requirements, team segregation, activity-based working preferences, and company growth plans, our team combined all the necessary information into a simple but comprehensive design report. 

This provided a foundation to start building. Space layouts, architectural concepts, and 3D photo-realistic renders of the new space were created. These enabled the Drillcut team to gain a highly visual preview of their new office environment, rather than simply trying to visualise the layout themselves.  

The detailed analysis and in-depth investigations into the company’s specific requirements, the initial design captured and implemented all the key necessities of Drillcut’s operations. This significantly reduced the need for major concept and layout changes and, in turn, enabled works to commence on-site much earlier than originally planned. 

A tight construction schedule was maintained, which enabled the project to be completed well before Drillcut’s relocation. This provided time for the Drillcut team to carefully plan and structure their move, ensuring that any unforeseen operational requirements could be implemented and completed before the ‘last-minute’ rush of a major business transition. 

The final result is a high-spec, quality finish to the entire facility, which provides a visual statement about the quality of the solutions and the reputation of Drillcut Fasteners.

Drillcut Fasteners

Location: Broadmeadows, VIC

Industry: Construction

Size of Space: 620m2

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