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Methven Professionals Real Estate


Methven Professionals Real Estate provided a complex brief that had the potential to pose some challenges. They sought to refurbish an existing real estate office while also converting an adjoining takeaway food store into one corporate office space.

Their overall vision was to create a fully functional, warm, and inviting office for their staff and clients. 

Having used Bowen Interiors for neighboring sites in the past, Methven once again engaged our team to assist on the Croydon project site. 

The project’s first task was to understand all of the client’s needs; this included one complicated aspect related to staff. That aspect was the requirement that Methven staff remain in-house for the duration of the project. 

Such a request was not out of the ordinary; however, plenty of planning and collaboration was required to guarantee that the company could remain fully functional. This would not prove to be a problem. Our team ensured that Methven staff always had the necessary equipment to complete their work duties while the installation took place around them. 

Outside of addressing the staff-related requirement, our team identified all of the other essential elements that were important to Methven. It was clear that there was an emphasis on design, colour, and branding. 

Our team designed and built wall and floor treatments, partitioning, and office furniture to align with the Methven corporate identity. This included a colour scheme throughout every room of the building. In addition, colour specific furniture complement the interior design.


It was clear that Methven’s clients were an equally important part of the business. Methven wanted to ensure their clients were always comfortable and well looked after in their new office, so a family-friendly waiting area featuring a children’s play space and comfortable lounges was created. 

Thanks to Methven having a clear vision of their specific design concepts right from the project’s outset, all of the various furniture and design components were sourced and selected with ease.

The separate buildings, which had different usages, were transformed into a single distinct and impressive workspace, doubling in size. 

The refurbishment has breathed new life and energy into the Methven offices. The morale and productivity of staff have risen. While a warm, professional environment that resonates with customers has been created.

Methven Professionals

Location: Croydon

Industry: Real Estate  

Size of Space: 310m2

Primary Services:

Project Gallery Methven Professionals Real Estate

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