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Stockdale and Leggo

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To facilitate future growth, Stockdale & Leggo Croydon required a modernisation of their office and adjoining tenancy to create two connected spaces for their business’s sales and rental functions. 

The company decided to undertake a complete refurbishment to address the matter.  

The process started with the conduction of on-site consultation with Stockdale & Leggo to determine the project’s specific requirements.  Floor plans, 3D renders, and colour mood boards and detailed furniture specifications were used to illustrate an initial vision of the workspace.

A tailored layout incorporating both open plan and private areas was designed to create a mix of collaborative and consultation spaces yet allow room for private meetings and workspaces. At the same time, a full-colour schedule was incorporated to visually align and communicate Stockdale & Leggo’s corporate identity, with polished concrete floors, natural timber panelling, and designer lighting adding a modern look and feel.

Stockdale & Leggo wanted to complement the larger workspace for their growing team. This was achieved by adding a modern kitchenette, office furniture, waiting area furnishings, and meeting furniture to provide an attractive and productive office environment.

The final result was a complete and customised design solution, transforming two neighbouring offices into a fresh, modern, and cohesive workspace.

The new office fit-out is visually stunning, reflecting the agency’s current success, geared to attract and welcome new customers and facilitate growth.

The establishment of dedicated facilities for the sales and rental departments has created a workspace that the team enjoys working in – an enhanced experience to boost morale and productivity.

Stockdale and Leggo

Location: Croydon, VIC 

Industry: Real Estate 

Size of Space: 200m2

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