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Moving out of their current premises, which they had occupied for many years, Unicharm needed a modern and refreshing office fitout. The design was required to be in line with their current branding and customer focus.

The project started with a new feature reception area that showcased the Unicharm brand in the new office environment. Working with the architect and the builders, a custom design reception counter was created showcasing natural timber features that blended in with the clean colours of the Unicharm logo, which was prominently displayed on a feature wall. The new feature reception greets visitors as they enter, ensuring that their first impression of Unicharm is a professional and trustworthy brand and organisation.  

After the entry was attended to, there was a focus on employee’s needs. These were additional workstations segregated into upstairs and downstairs zones, with each being height-adjustable to cater to OHS requirements. 

While Unicharm user groups required the workstations to be height adjustable, they also wanted privacy when the workstation was at its standing height.  As such, the workstation screens needed to be raised with the workstation and remain sturdy enough to support accessories.

The design department at Bowen Interiors developed a unique workstation solution that promoted sit-stand capabilities yet still provided the privacy screens when the workstation was at its fullest height. Careful attention was paid to the design in terms of the stability provided for accessories on the workstation.

Working with the user groups, each workstation was given a clip-on whiteboard and provision for a hang-on shelf should they require it to provide each user with their own storage.  Each workstation also incorporated personal tambour door cabinets strategically placed around the workstation area, providing folder storage in an aesthetically pleasing cabinet.

Customised cabling solutions were provided to each workstation, ensuring that users had a fully enclosed wiring solution to maintain a clean and neat look, yet still, be provided with personal power and USB to the desktop that fits the overall look and feel of the office.

The final touch was brightly coloured breakout furniture that allows staff to get away from the zone of working during their break times, relaxing in a high-quality environment. 

The result of the project is a bright modern office design, featuring high-quality sit/stand workstations with customised wiring solutions to ensure that the overall look is neat and professional.



Industry: Real Estate 

Size of Space:

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