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Custom Commercial Furniture To Enhance Modern Workspace Design

Commercial office furniture is at the centre of your workspace and is an important contributor to your brand, culture and the happiness, wellbeing and productivity of your employees. Whether you’re planning for a new space or refurbishing your current space, having the right commercial office furniture enables you to create inspiring spaces where your people and your business thrive.

We're one of Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Commercial Office Furniture

We provide modern fit out services and an extensive range of commercial furniture solutions for your office fitout or refurbishment as part of our interior design, construction, installation and end-to-end project management services.

We're independent

As an independent furniture provider, we’re not locked into a single supplier. This allows you the freedom to choose from a wide range of quality furniture locally and globally to find the best product solution to meet your specific needs.

We have extensive experience

With over 30 years of experience in the commercial interiors industry, our clients include some of Australia’s biggest businesses across a range of sectors and industries.

We transform workspaces

Our commercial furniture solutions transform workspaces to create inspiring spaces that engage and empower your employees and help your business thrive.

Create your inspiring office space today with our commercial furniture solutions

We source quality products from all corners of the globe based on the latest commercial furniture design trends and utilise local manufacturing to create an engaging and efficient work environment for you.

Bring Your Workspace Vision to Life with Office Furniture Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Optimal design and planning are only as effective as the furniture that fills an office space. A critical element of our design process is to select and specify furnishings that perfectly meet your design intent, cater to essential ergonomic requirements and offer the necessary durability to handle the rigours of your work. Our team of designers and product specialists will align your budget with your design theme to create a workspace with the best quality and value furniture selection.

Commercial furniture selections that meet your specific requirements

To integrate strategic office layouts with aesthetic design intent and employee satisfaction, we create an overall workplace design theme. This combines architectural features and furnishings into a complete specification document, ensuring that concept and creation are interwoven.

We analyse each office zone and select workstations, seating, tables and joinery taking into account aesthetic, budget, ergonomic and compliance criteria. From our initial design consultation and analysis, we ensure we deliver custom furniture solutions that meet the unique elements of furniture design specific to your business.

Ergonomics That Support Health and Wellbeing

Staff comfort is vital to individual performance, and correct ergonomics play a very important role in reducing the challenges of fatigue and absenteeism. Providing your workplace with furniture that fulfils the specific ergonomic needs of your workforce, is a key element of our design and selection. This includes correct seating posture, sit-to-stand workstations, adjustable monitor arms and other ergonomic accessories.

Acoustics That Minimise Disruption Throughout Office Spaces

An important part of space planning and office design is centred around effective team collaboration, flexibility and staff communication with face-to-face interactions. This can create a challenging acoustic environment, with transfer and spread of noise.

When selecting furnishings to best complement the design intent of your workspace, we give careful attention to each work zone, including new and existing surface finishes. Our selection of soft furnishings, screens and other acoustic accessories is designed to reduce disruption throughout the workspace.

Connectivity To Foster Productivity and Collaboration

In today’s fast-paced and mobile-friendly world, the need for effective and efficient communication across business networks is crucial. From our initial design analysis, we gain a thorough understanding of the purpose of each work zone, as well as the individual requirements of your employees to connect with those outside the office environment.

Specification of audio-visual connection points, device charging and network cable reticulation in meeting rooms, breakout zones and at individual workstations, is critically important. These elements are integrated into the furniture systems we select, ensuring your employees have immediate connectivity wherever they are and whenever they require.

Keeping your Employees, Clients and the Community Safe

Wellbeing and safety for your employees and the wider community, is fundamental to effective office design and furniture selection. In a Covid-era workplace, personnel must be protected and must feel safe. The size and distance between workstations is critical, as well as the dimensions and placement of protective screens and accessories.

We pay specific attention to workplace wellbeing and safety when selecting the most appropriate furnishings for your office environment.

Task-Specific Office Furniture

To maximum productivity and employee satisfaction, the modern office environment requires task-specific zones. Creating flexibility and mobility within the office is a key component of our furniture specification process. We ensure the right balance of ergonomics, acoustics, connectivity and safety across all required zones, allowing staff to be productive and well supported in all spaces.

Our complete design and specification process ensures that all areas of the workspace are perfectly aligned to your vision and that there is consistency of design throughout your workplace.

Environmentally sustainable commercial furniture solutions

We’re committed to sustainability and the environment, consciously making decisions resulting in good practice for the climate and the world we live in. That’s why our commercial furniture supply is approved by internationally recognised GreenStar sustainability rating.

Most of our furniture is designed using products that support sustainable manufacturing methods, resulting in a wide range of eco-friendly furniture products available. When you choose Bowen Interiors commercial furniture, you’re choosing environmentally sustainable solutions.

Supplying optimal commercial office furniture solutions for a wide range of industries

Whether it’s furnishing your new office fit out, providing chairs for a function room at a stadium, installing desks for corporate offices, or workstations for a football club’s office, our customers have unique needs based on their specific business and industry.

We provide commercial furniture solutions and high-quality products Australia-wide.


Inspiring and engaging furniture solutions providing seamless solutions incorporating functionality, flexibility and style for thriving and ever-expanding workspaces.


Innovative learning and office administration spaces for schools, universities and training providers.


Fresh and inviting office furniture for Federal, State and Local Government employees, visitors and the community they service.


Safe and inviting commercial furniture for hospitals, aged care facilities, waiting rooms and administration buildings.

Sporting Organisations

Relaxing and engaging furniture fit outs for stadiums, venues, sports halls and office workstations.


Sleek and stylish first impressions for car showrooms, production facilities and training facilities.


We’re here to help you create an inspiring workspace where your employees thrive. Whether it’s your first time planning a new office interior design or an office refurbishment, or you’re well experienced, we’re here to make the entire project easier than ever.

Frequently asked questions

How does commercial furniture optimise your office space?

Commercial furniture is a vital part of all commercial workspaces. The right furniture solutions foster collaboration, communication and comfort for your employees, while exuding professionalism for your clients, visitors and suppliers.

Office furniture should be seen as a critical business contributor, as it has such an enormous impact to workplace efficiency and employee engagement.

Why is office furniture important to efficiency, effectiveness and productivity?
Dull, uncomfortable, and uninspiring workspaces can have a negative impact on employee productivity. Fresh and modern designs can inspire and uplift. Better ergonomics can also have a positive impact on wellbeing which in turn enhances productivity, as employees can work comfortably and effectively.
Why is the right commercial furniture essential for a growing business?

Choosing the right commercial furniture for your growing business is imperative, as it impacts and contributes to productivity and employee engagement.

How do I choose commercial furniture for my office?

With so much choice in the market, especially when it comes to commercial furniture in Melbourne, it can be challenging to know where to start with selecting commercial office furniture.

When choosing the right commercial furniture solutions for your workplace, it’s important to consider:

  • Your total commercial fit out project or refurbishment budget
  • The amount of space available to you, in terms of overall space, space for individual workstations, offices, meeting rooms and collaboration areas.
  • The aesthetic and ambience of your existing commercial space or the new space you are fitting out
  • Your office requirements including workstations, types of rooms and multi-functional spaces
  • How flexible or modular the office furniture needs to be.

The best way to choose the right commercial furniture for your business is to talk to us. Our collaborative services delivered by expert consultants will ensure that all the office furniture items you require are included in your workspace.

What are different types of office furniture?

There are many different types of furniture utilised in commercial spaces. Common commercial furniture includes:

  • Office chairs, including ergonomic chairs
  • Casual and more formal seating
  • Office desks, such as workstations, executive desks, height-adjustable desks and standing desks
  • Meeting tables
  • Acoustic pods and booths
  • Cabinets
  • Storage solutions
  • Acoustic partitions
  • Reception counters
  • Custom joinery

Looking for specific types of commercial furniture? See our extensive range today.

What is the greatest advantage of modular furniture?
Modular commercial office furniture allows flexibility, enabling your space to change over time. A key benefit is that installation is much quicker, resulting in project cost and time savings and improved productivity in your new space.

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