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Interior Design & sustainability

Office interior design plays a vital role in sustainability, as it can significantly reduce the environmental impact of a workspace. Sustainable office interior design involves creating an eco-friendly workplace that promotes a healthy work environment while also reducing the impact on the environment. This design approach aims to use sustainable materials, incorporate energy-efficient systems, and promote natural light and air circulation. Sustainable interior design also seeks to reduce waste by encouraging the use of recyclable materials and implementing strategies for reducing the amount of energy required for the office’s daily operations.


How we Contribute Towards a Sustainable Future

Bowen Interiors is committed to sustainability and the environment, consciously making decisions resulting in good practices for the climate and the world we live in.

Eco Friendly Materials

Eco-friendly materials are sustainable and environmentally responsible, and they are made from renewable resources. They are also durable and long-lasting, which reduces the need for frequent replacements. Examples of eco-friendly materials include timber, bamboo, cork, and recycled materials like glass, metal, and plastics. 

We strive to incorporate these materials into our workspace design that reduces the environmental impact of the office and promotes sustainable practices.

Energy Efficient Systems

The use of energy-efficient systems helps reduce energy consumption and, in turn, lowers energy costs. LED lighting uses up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting and has a lifespan of up to 25 times longer. The majority of the lighting we use for our projects is LED.  

We also advocate for the installation of energy-efficient systems including occupancy sensors, which automatically turn off lights when no one is in the room, and smart thermostats, which adjust the temperature according to occupancy and time of day.

Natural Light & Greenery

Natural light and air circulation create a healthier work environment and reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. Office plants play a vital role in humidifying the air and recycling CO2, carbon monoxide and other pollutants into oxygen.

We prioritise the maximum use of natural light in our office space design and from 2022, we have introduced a “GO GREEN” policy that includes recommendations for greenery in the design of every fitout project we design and construct.

Green Star Furniture

Founded by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2003, Green Star is an internationally recognised rating system setting the standard for healthy, resilient, positive buildings and places. Some of the projects we were involved in were able to achieve 5 and 6 star Greenstar ratings (e.g. University of Melbourne Werribee Campus).

We prioritise suppliers and manufacturers who are committed to sustainable practices in line with ISO14001 certification. This means that most of our furniture is designed using products and procedures that support sustainable manufacturing methods, resulting in a wide range of eco-friendly furniture.

Bowen Interiors Sustainability 7

Trees for Animals

As part of Australia’s commitment to NET ZERO, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and planting trees are one of the greatest ways to impact the carbon footprint as well as promote Australia’s native biodiversity and restore areas affected by bushfires.

The Bowen ARC Project Methodology – Discover, Design, Deliver – is a proven methodology that eases the complexity of office design and fitout. To complement the benefits of the Bowen ARC Methodology, we pledge to plant 50 trees for every design and construct fitout project completed through the Bowen ARC Methodology.


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