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Business leaders around the world are reimagining how physical office spaces and digital infrastructures can satisfy employee preferences, inspire productivity, and compete for top talent. Now more than ever, commercial workplace design needs to inspire employees and businesses to thrive.
When you work with Bowen Interiors, we will work with you to create an inspiring design solution to help your business thrive.

Innovative Commercial Office Design For A Thriving Workplace

When we design offices and places of work for businesses, we create a customised workplace experience for you, your employees and the stakeholders that matter most to you.

Your team unified around a shared vision

Align your office design with your company culture and your employees to unify your team in an environment that promotes connection, engagement and collaboration.

Foster productivity, wellbeing and inclusiveness

Foster a greater sense of community, encourage more meaningful team communication and interactions, and create private spaces where people can attend to their personal needs.

Technology seamlessly integrated

Transform your workspace dynamics and enable collaboration and security with the right technology solutions. We seamlessly integrate all the tech you need for your thriving business.

Accommodate many styles of work, inside and out

Rethink how you can provide choice and flexibility in the spaces and settings of your building to foster the greatest amount of collaboration and communication.

Want to inspire your employees with modern workspace office design?

Get in touch with us for a discussion about how you can promote productivity and wellbeing for your employees, now and into the future.

Why work with one of Australia's leading workspace design companies?

Here at Bowen Interiors, we’re one of Australia’s leading workspace office design companies. We’ve created inspiring and productive workplaces and offices for thousands of Australian companies throughout our 40-year history.

Workspace designs customised to your needs

We work with you to understand your business vision and culture to design a workplace that brings to life your unique story while improving productivity and efficiency.

Commercial office design experts

You can rely on our expertise and extensive experience, ensuring that you receive the highest quality advice and custom office solutions that have a positive impact on your workplace potential.

Fresh design ideas

We are up to date with the latest office design and innovation trends from around the world, to bring you the very best ideas and innovation the industry has to offer.

Our Proven Design Approach Creates Thriving Workspaces

It’s important for your workspace and office design partner to have a concise and proven approach to creating inspiring spaces for your people and your business to thrive in.

Here at Bowen Interiors, our methodology has been developed by delivering successful office design outcomes to our clients for the past 40 years.

Interior Office Design and Documentation

Providing premium architectural and office design services for your office building, our expert and supportive team work closely with you and your stakeholders to design effective and motivating environments that will complement and enhance your company culture.

Workspace designs strategically aligned to your business

Our office design service is highly visual, with optional photo-realistic renders and concept imagery to create the vision for your space, followed up with a full documentation package including building construction drawings, elevations and schedules.

Our team starts by conducting a complete business analysis to understand your business needs and challenges. We detail budget-fit styling, intelligent architecture and aesthetic considerations, individual space requirements, and team division analysis. This assists our team in gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, ensuring that our workspace design is strategically aligned with your business requirements.

Office space planning that delivers value for investment

A site survey for drafting and scoping purposes is then conducted to ensure our working plans are 100% accurate. This allows for the process of ‘office space planning’ to integrate all facility, team, and personnel requirements into the workable floor areas. Each of those requirements is assessed using the data and information compiled in the business analysis report.

After planning the workspace, concept imagery is added to align budget and specification levels. This provides you with the confidence that you’re gaining the best space utilisation as well as the best value for your investment.

Compelling 3D renders that present your vision to your team

To complete the initial design, and to present the full design intent, 3D renders can be created showing selected areas of the building. 3D renders not only assist us in aligning to your vision but also assist you in presenting the vision to your staff and other stakeholders for approval.

You’ll be able to clearly and tangibly reveal a space that doesn’t yet exist! And key stakeholders will be aligned with the business’ vision.

Construction documentation ensures safety and compliance

Following our analysis and office design, we then focus on construction documentation. We document the entire office space with detailed plans, elevations and schedules. This provides a complete construction package giving you the assurance that all details have been accounted for.

It’s also a documentation set used to gain all regulatory authorisation, which means your facility will be fully compliant, safeguarding you from litigation, and ensuring a safe working environment for your staff.

Are you ready to inspire your people and your business to thrive with innovative workspace designs?

Whether you’re planning for an office move or refurbishing your current work environment, our customised office design solutions will ensure your spaces meet your unique needs and goals.

Contact us today to discuss your workspace design needs. We’re here to help you create, inspire and thrive!

Frequently asked questions

What is workspace design?

Workspace design is the process of designing a workplace and its workspaces to increase productivity while fostering wellbeing.

Modern workplace design increases employee engagement and has a direct effect on employee health, satisfaction, wellbeing, and creativity.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to workspace and office design as every business is unique. That’s why we have a proven methodology developed over decades to ensure the businesses we partner with have confidence, knowing their final office space with inspire their employees and business to thrive.

What are the different types of spaces in workspace designs?

There are a number of different types of workspaces that can be designed and leveraged for different purposes or to cater to different tasks.

Workspaces can include:

  • Workstations
  • Open spaces
  • Flexible spaces
  • Open plan offices
  • Reception and foyer areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Breakout areas
  • Coworking spaces
  • Quiet rooms for meditation, prayer or deep thought
  • Wellbeing rooms
  • Lactation rooms for nursing mothers
  • Restrooms, based on gender or gender-neutral approaches
  • Outdoor areas,
  • And many other types.
Why should workspace designs have different spaces?
It’s important for workspace office designs to include a range of different spaces depending on the company vision, culture and goals. Different workspace types foster different types of collaborative work such as meeting rooms for large or small groups, places for private conversations, or for individual work such as a workstation, desk, or a private physical space. It’s also important to design spaces for rest or offer breakout areas as getting the right balance for a company is important for its employees.
Workplace vs workspace: What's the difference?

The terms workspace and workplace are so similar that they’re often used interchangeably. This can create some confusion as there are some important differences between the two.

A workplace can be considered where one goes to work.

A workplace is usually a fixed and physical place and can be characterised by being a place where people go to do their work. For commercial offices, this is most commonly the office building.

As a result of the global pandemic, we have also seen a rise in the digital workplace which describes the provisioning of business data, applications and collaboration tools to any device in any location. It’s essentially enabling the employee to make their workplace anywhere.

A workspace can be considered where one does the work.

A workspace usually refers to an individual workstation, a collaboration space, as well as an open plan space or flexible space where people do their work.

How can workspace designs inspire productivity and creativity?

The vision and culture of your business are unique. How your employees complete their work individually or in teams is also distinctive. Well-considered workspace office design takes this into account, cultivates talent, helps employees stay focused, while fostering collaboration as well as rest. Workspace office designs create a vibrant community that supports each other and the company’s mission.

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