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The Bowen ARC Project Methodology is a comprehensive approach to managing office design and fit out projects. It provides a clear and efficient project delivery process, encompassing every aspect of the fitout journey, from consultation and planning to final installation and handover. Collaboration is a crucial element in the Bowen ARC Project Methodology, recognising that successful project delivery requires effective communication between all stakeholders, including the client, design team, and construction team. Bowen ARC Project Methodology ensures that your project is delivered to a high standard, on time, and within budget.


The Discovery phase involves taking a strategic workplace consultancy approach to better understand your business and how it operates. We delve right into your business to gain a deeper understanding of your specific needs, goals, and requirements for your office space. By conducting a thorough analysis of your company, we can gain valuable insights into how your team works, what your workflow and communication needs are, and how best to design your office to meet these needs.


After an in depth analysis of your workspace needs, an optimal concept design is created with careful consideration of efficient space usage, lighting, acoustics, ventilation, ergonomics and specific requirements such as collaborative spaces, private offices, technology and storage areas. Your company branding will be expressed through the workspace aesthetics, using colour schemes, furniture styles and materials that correspond with your identity. We ensure that the design aligns with the company culture and values while also meeting functional needs for both present and future use.


In this stage we finalise the design, create construction documentation and obtain all required construction approvals. And finally, we manage the entire project to ensure that your team receives an inspiring and functional workplace that is fitted out on brief, on time and on budget. The Bowen ARC methodology takes the guesswork out and makes the entire process transparent.  

Trees for Animals

As part of Australia’s commitment to NET ZERO, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and planting trees are one of the greatest ways to impact the carbon footprint as well as promote Australia’s native biodiversity and restore areas affected by bushfires.

To complement the benefits of the Bowen ARC Methodology, we pledge to plant 50 trees for every design and construct fitout project completed through the Bowen ARC Methodology.

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