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Commercial interior design sets the tone of your work environment, tells your unique business story and makes a lasting impression on your clients, suppliers and visitors, while improving employee engagement. Bowen Interiors creates inspiring workspaces where your business and people thrive.

Creating inspiring office spaces with innovative design solutions

We are a commercial interior design company, specialising in leading edge office interior design and fit out services that bring to life your business’ vision, enhance your employees’ experience and boost productivity in your workplace.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, our expert team has been delivering innovative and functional commercial office fitout and refurbishment services for Australian businesses across a wide range of industry sectors.

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Bespoke and creative designs

Our innovative and bespoke interior designs will meet your functional requirements while creating an inspiring office environment enabling your employees to thrive.

Design expertise

Our experienced commercial interior designers are highly qualified professionals working closely with you to realise your commercial workspace vision.
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Demonstrable successes

We’ve successfully helped thousands of Australian businesses to create a commercial office space that enables them to thrive, now and into the future.

Realise significant benefits with one of Australia's leading commercial interior designers

When you partner with Bowen Interiors as your commercial interior designer, we work with you to help realise significant benefits for your organisation.

Inspire creativity and foster productivity

Balance your functional needs with a modern design aesthetic

Maximising your investment, while delivering to your budget

Complete your commercial project at a faster pace

Reduce stress and have peace of mind

Like a professional interior design and fitout consultation?

If you are planning a new office fit out, relocation or refurbishment for your business, knowing where to start can be a real challenge. A great place to start is simply to talk to us.

Our commercial interior design approach helps your workplace thrive

To ensure a successful office design, we take a phased approach to your project.

Phase 1: Strategy

Our commercial interior designs focus on setting the tone and telling the story of your business. Strategic considerations form a pivotal role and include designs that display success, professionalism, a strong culture and a result-oriented work ethic.

A successful commercial design will impress your clients, suppliers and visitors and will improve employee engagement and motivation levels. The driving motivation behind a strategically designed commercial space is a tangible increase in productivity and efficiency.

Through seamless integration of workspace planning, brand alignment, architectural design, furniture selection and project management, we’ll make your workplace work for you.

Phase 2: Planning and Consultation

We plan your project from its conception to completion. Our experienced consultants will visit your commercial building, premises or new space to undertake an intensive site review. We’ll gain a thorough understanding of the intricacies and specific needs of your business. This lays the foundations for an optimal commercial interior design.

Phase 3: Design and Layout

Using insights from the planning phase, we blend design functionality and space efficiency to create spaces that inspire. Our design phase will breathe fresh life and energy into your project and your workplace. It will help improve the morale and productivity of your team, creating a warm, inviting environment that will inspire your employees, customers, partners and stakeholders.

Phase 4: Complete specification

To integrate strategic office layouts with aesthetic design intent and employee satisfaction, we create an overall workplace design theme for your space. This combines architectural features and furnishings into a complete specification document, ensuring that concept and creation are interwoven. Your complete commercial interior design package will draw together all the elements from the initial consultation through to the complete project specification. This service will create a bespoke blueprint for the creation of a workspace that is truly unique to your organisation.

Ready to discuss your office design with one of Australia's leading commercial interior designers?

We’re here to help you create an inspiring workspace where your business and your people thrive. Whether it’s your first time planning a new office interior design or an office refurbishment, or you’re well experienced, we’re here to make the entire project easier.

Frequently asked questions

What is commercial interior design?
Commercial interior design refers to the design and creation of workplaces and work environments by balancing the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of a business. Commercial interior design is a critical component of a commercial fit out project or refurbishment. That’s because it drives the initial phases of a commercial fit out project.
What does a commercial interior design and construction company do?

Commercial interior design and construction companies are professionals who design, create, direct and manage the construction of commercial spaces.

A commercial interior designer helps their clients define their goals, agree a design direction and the necessary materials, colour schemes, furniture and furnishings that align with the brand and culture of a business.

The role and responsibilities of a commercial interior design and construction firm include:

  • Understand and be able to articulate and visualise the culture and brand of a company in physical spaces
  • Develop a Space plan that maximises the available space and optimises productivity
  • Draw schematics, blueprints and develop 3D renders
  • Ensure a physical structure is up to code
  • Manage and deliver the construction, renovation, refurbishment and fit out process
  • Project management and time management
  • Adhere to a project budget
  • Stay up to date with global and industry trends.
What is the difference between commercial interior design and residential interior design?
Commercial interior design refers to the design and creation of workplaces and work environments. Residential interior design refers to creating spaces that people live in, including home and living spaces, residential houses and apartments. Residential interior designers collaborate with individuals, couples or families to design and create functional living spaces in line with the aesthetic of their clients. The main difference is that commercial interior design creates functional commercial spaces to work in, whereas residential interior design creates functional private spaces to primarily live in. This is an important difference because the different purposes drive different interior design approaches.
What is space planning in commercial interior design?
Space planning, sometimes referred to as spatial planning, refers to the process of defining the purpose, functional requirements, and layout of a commercial building or space. Space planning categorises each of the available spaces, defines the intended purpose of each space, and maps the flow of the spaces in terms of foot traffic and circulation. It enables a cohesive sense of form and function, ensuring intentionality behind all decision-making.
What are different types of commercial interior design?

There are many different commercial interior design types, some of which include:

  • Corporate office interior design, can include office building, office spaces
  • Hospitality interior design, sometimes called Food & Beverage interior design, can include restaurants, cafes and bistros
  • Healthcare interior design, sometimes called Medical interior design, can include hospitals, aged care facilities, waiting rooms
  • Athletic venues, sometimes called Sporting Organisations, can include stadiums, sports halls, gyms, venues
  • Automotive interior design, which can include car showrooms, production facilities and training facilities, and
  • Education interior design, which can include learning and office administration spaces for schools, universities and training providers.
How much does a commercial interior design project cost?

The costs associated with commercial interior design varies based on the size and scope of your commercial project.

Factors that affect a project cost include:

  • Size and scope of the overall project
  • The timeline of the project
  • Layout and types of rooms
  • Types of materials, furnishings and technology requirements, as well as their accessibility or procurement requirements
  • Custom elements designed and manufactured
  • Construction costs, and
  • Consultation fees, design fees, project management fees, usually structured as per hour or per project cost quoted by commercial interior designer.

Want to understand how much commercial interior design would cost for your project? Contact us for a free quote.

How do you choose the best commercial interior designer for you?

Engaging a commercial interior designer can add a variety of benefits your business can leverage. That’s why choosing the right one for you is so important.

As you are assessing commercial interior designers, make sure you look at the following:

  • A concise description of how the interior designer will work with you
  • The process for assessing project costs
  • Portfolios of completed projects, including any relevant projects for businesses in the same or similar industries as you
  • The types of questions the prospective interior designer asks you about your business, goals and culture
  • Whether there is a cultural fit between you and the prospective interior designers, i.e. will you be able to collaborate and work well together.

The best way to decide if we are the best fit for you is to talk to us!

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