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Mark Phillips


Having been with Bowen Interiors since its inception in 1982, Mark has always been wholeheartedly committed to promoting a positive culture.

This commitment has been with a view to providing exceptional customer satisfaction, a culture of innovation and always delivering the highest quality product and service to clients and suppliers.

Bowen Interiors is built on a culture of innovation and strong relationships, where Bowen Interiors’ clients are at the centre of all decisions.

Doug Phillips

General Manager

With over 17 years of experience in the commercial interiors industry spanning project management, production management, marketing and finance, Doug is well qualified to lead the Bowen Interiors’ team and continue to build on its success.

Doug is a big picture thinker who has created a culture of open communication, loyalty trust and respect within Bowen Interiors and with their valued clients.

Challenging the status quo and always working to simplify the sometimes complex fitout journey with a seamless and transparent project management process are high priorities for Doug when it comes to creating high quality commercial workspaces.

Doug is passionate about the positive impact a well-designed work environment has on employee wellbeing, building culture and creating business success.

Ross Phillips

Sales Manager

Ross has had an extensive career with over 17 years of experience in the commercial interiors industry. Starting on the factory floor, then moving into sales, he developed the Bowen Commercial Furniture division to where it is today, and is now leading the overall Bowen Interiors’ sales, design and estimating teams.

Ross’ key focus is empowering his team to deliver exceptional workspace design and construction solutions, striving for the highest level of satisfaction for Bowen Interiors’ valued customers.

Ross is passionate about working with clients on large and complex projects, seeking to understand their business needs and challenges, helping inspire their vision and together creating compelling and innovative design solutions, seamlessly executed to deliver transformational workspaces that enhance people’s lives and businesses. 

Ivan Pashutin

Senior Interior Designer

With 16 years of experience designing commercial spaces, Ivan has a passion for creating workplaces that have both functionality and aesthetics.

He loves working in interior design and delivering great experiences for his customers.

His passion for design drives him to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible and creating exceptional workplace environments.

With a strong knowledge of the design process, Ivan strives to create workspaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, sustainable, and inclusive.

Ralph Trovato_Bowen Interiors
Ralph Trovato

Business Development Manager

With 25 years of experience in commercial and residential construction, an in depth understanding of building processes and 10 years of experience in business development, Ralph is passionate about working closely with his clients to understand their challenges and help solve them.

Ralph leads the business development of Bowen Interior’s fit out projects. He takes potential clients through Bowen Interior’s signature project management process and brings them closer to achieving their dream of creating an inspiring workplace where their people and businesses will thrive.

Vaidehi Chougule

Project Administrator

With extensive experience in project management, a Bachelor of Architecture and a Masters in Project Management, Vaidehi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her sales support role.

Highly organised and with great attention to detail, Vaidehi is passionate about delivering a comprehensive scope of works and collaborates with her suppliers to provide the best service to ensure the project is delivered efficiently and effectively.

Vaidehi is stimulated by the challenges and the fast paced environment of commercial projects. She loves working closely with clients to help transform their workplaces and create inspiring spaces that are enjoyed by everyone that uses them.

Terry Phillips

Project Manager

With a wealth of experience in the commercial interiors industry across installations, drafting, sales and project management, Terry has gained an in-depth understanding across the entire construction project life cycle over the past 13 years. This has been instrumental in developing his expertise in managing complex projects.

Terry’s focus, attention to detail and excellent communication and collaboration skills ensure that each project is managed seamlessly and with transparency.

Terry is passionate about developing strong relationships with all stakeholders and delivering projects on-time, within budget and to a high standard, bringing to life his client’s vision. 

Marlon Morabito

Site Manager

With an Honours Degree in Construction Management and 10 years of experience in painting, plastering and commercial project management, Marlon has a comprehensive understanding of the design and construction process from the big picture right through to the minute detail.

Marlon is passionate about bringing to life his client’s vision and is proficient at managing every step of project implementation with his collaborative and proactive approach on-site and his clients’ needs at the forefront. He loves nothing more than a successful commercial workspace transformation and satisfied clients.

Rafi Abbasszadeh

Production Manager

With over 20 years experience in the commercial interiors industry, Rafi is an expert in delivering custom commercial furniture solutions to Bowen Interiors’ clients.

Rafi oversees the production and assembly of commercial furniture ensuring that clients receive high quality furniture, along with a smooth and efficient installation process that minimises disruption to client’s workspace and meets all Australian compliance standards.

Gary Filliponi

Warehouse Manager

With 21 years of experience in customer service, more recently in warehouse management Gary is an expert in building custom commercial furniture solutions for Bowen Interiors’ valued clients.

Gary masterfully assembles and quality checks all commercial furniture products ensuring that his clients receive high quality furniture with time specific, single source delivery from the Bowen Interiors’ warehouse. This enables a smooth and efficient installation process that minimises disruption to our client’s workplace, while also meeting all Australian compliance standards.

Bowen Interiors’ clients are guaranteed to receive their complete furniture package on time, ready to use, defect free and in a single delivery, saving time and removing any inconvenience.

Jaseer Hossain_Marketing_Bowen Interiors
Jaseer Hossain

Marketing Manager

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, communication and business development, Jaseer has a great understanding of the needs and pain points of customers in the construction industry. He is passionate about creating content that is educational and contains helpful information for anyone planning for an office fit out.

Jaseer ensures that our communication inspire our audience to dream about outstanding workplaces. Our projects team is there to make that dream come to life and create thriving workplaces.

Taylah Grimshaw_Bowen Interiors
Taylah Grimshaw

Sales Support

With a passion for interiors and construction, Taylah is very particular when it comes to the details. Taylah possesses exceptional analytical skills, allowing her to accurately evaluate and understand customer requirements. She continually goes above and beyond to provide the optimum solution for the customer.

Taylah loves doing research on the latest design trends and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with the entire team as well as the customers.