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Workplace Strategy: Part 1 Foundation of Workplace Strategy

Starting an office renovation without a workplace strategy is like starting to drive without a destination. You can end up lost and out of fuel. A strategic approach ensures that every design decision resonates with the company’s mission and values, as well as its business goals and cultural intention.

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Commercial Lease Due to Expire? How to Best Utilise this Opportunity?

For your business to gain a competitive leg-up and even call itself contemporary, it should exemplify state-of-the-art tech integrations in action, progressive work styles, cutting-edge business culture, workplace sustainability and the latest in industry best practices. A Commercial lease expiry is your opportunity to implement some much needed office upgrades.

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8 Simple Ways for a Sustainable Office Renovation

Organisations are quite often hesitant to upgrade their outdated office spaces over concerns about the environmental impact.

This article offers a list of ways you can execute an office renovation with a limited carbon footprint. Most of these best practices don’t come with an elevated price tag or much extra effort on your part.

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