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Launch Housing Cheltenham Office Fitout_Bowen Interiors-29

Launch Housing Cheltenham
Office Fitout

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Launch Housing is a compassionate social service organisation dedicated to finding housing for the homeless. Launch Housing engaged the expertise of Bowen Interiors to fitout their Cheltenham office. Bowen Interiors is renowned for creating inspiring workplaces where businesses and people thrive.

Distinguished by its distinctive design, the Cheltenham office sets itself apart from its Collingwood and St. Kilda counterparts, as it aspires to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity for its esteemed clientele. However, in light of the unique challenges posed by Launch Housing’s diverse service seekers, it was imperative to integrate specialised security features.

Launch Housing

Location: Cheltenham, VIC

Industry: Social Services

Size of Space: 382 sqm

The reception area stands as an impressive testament to the office’s commitment to hospitality. With ample seating arrangements, guests are greeted with comfort and convenience. A strategic touch of sophistication lies in the discreet one-way mirror that separates the reception from the operational hub, providing the back-office staff with constant visual oversight of the front counter activities.

Strategic placement is evident in the arrangement of the consultation rooms encircling the central reception area. Special attention was paid to optimising desk orientations for efficiency and functionality, while prioritising egress pathways. Every front desk including the reception is fitted with hidden duress buttons, enabling prompt alerts to the back-office team during emergencies.

Beyond the reception area lies the expansive open-plan back office, fostering collaboration and communication among Launch Housing’s dedicated professionals. Within this vibrant workspace, a transparent glass partition delicately separates the main area from the inviting lunch zone, encouraging a harmonious balance between work and rejuvenation.

The Cheltenham office space has some special characteristics as the space was previously used as a bank. To make the place interesting the bank vault was transformed into a breakout area. However, that came with its challenges. The thick metal vault had to be drilled through to create a ventilation duct. The teller area had automatic anti-theft projection bars that had to be removed as well.

This new office symbolises Launch Housing’s unwavering commitment to its staff and clients. Bathed in an abundance of natural light and enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth, the Launch Housing team will experience a work environment that both energises and uplifts their motivation. Simultaneously, clients will be embraced by a space that extends a heartfelt welcome, promoting a sense of dignity and hope.


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