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From Corporate to Boho: 5 Commercial Interior Design Styles You Need to Know


commercial interior design styles | Bowen Interiors

Is your office space dull, uninspiring, or lacking character? Well, many business owners feel the same, especially since offices now are expected to be places that spark creativity, not just places to work.

Transforming your corporate environment into a creative oasis can be achieved by adopting a contemporary office design style that maintains and enhances your company culture. From modern minimalist to rustic industrial, there are a plethora of styles to choose from when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional workspace.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to 5 trending commercial interior design styles that are sure to elevate your commercial office space and boost productivity.

What is Commercial Interior Design?

Commercial interior design refers to the design of interior spaces for businesses or commercial purposes. This includes designing spaces such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, labs, hotels, and public spaces like museums and libraries.

Commercial interior design aims to create functional, attractive, engaging, and efficient spaces that meet the needs of the business and its customers or employees. An interior designer considers factors such as traffic flow, lighting, acoustics, comfort, and accessibility, as well as the use of appropriate materials, colours, and textures to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Properly designed workplaces help drive innovation and cement the company’s culture, as well as boost profitability and employee productivity and well-being.

What Is the Importance of Creating Inspiring Office Spaces With Innovative Design Solutions?

In a typical on-site work environment, your employees spend at least 8 hours every day in their work week at the office. That’s about half of their awake time. If you think about it, no one would want to spend so much time in a dull, uninspiring place that makes work feel like a prison.

Here are some of the benefits of having an inspiring office space for your company:

Company Culture

Creating a good design for your workplace can play a crucial role in shaping company culture. A well-designed office space that incorporates natural light, colours, and comfortable furniture can create a positive and energetic atmosphere that promotes creativity, productivity, and happiness. When employees are happy and engaged, they tend to perform better and stay longer with their employer.

Due to the pandemic, maintaining corporate culture has become a significant challenge for businesses across Australia, and the future workplace needs to sustain and enhance culture to reinforce belongingness and community.

Team Productivity

The design phase isn’t just limited to developing a comfortable and visually pleasing workplace. It’s more about helping teams connect and encouraging intra- and inter-functional collaboration.

An inspiring office space can also have a significant impact on team productivity. Employees are more likely to feel motivated and focused when an office is designed with productivity in mind. This can lead to improved efficiency.

Collaboration Benefits

Collaboration is key to the success of any modern business, particularly with more organisations adopting hybrid work environments. The role of the office has evolved into more than just a place to sit at a desk for a few hours to get work done. Businesses now use offices to encourage team building.

A well-designed office space can facilitate collaboration and communication between team members. For example, open-plan workstations, shared workspaces, and collaboration zones can all encourage employees to share ideas, set plans, and collaborate more effectively.

What Are the Commercial Interior Design Styles You Need to Know?

Over recent years, many commercial interior design styles have grown in popularity. Here are some of our favourite ones:

corporate design style | Bowen Interiors

Image Source: Office Snapshot

1) Corporate Style: Achieving a Professional and Efficient Workspace

Corporate-style interior design is a type of design used in professional settings, like corporate offices, contact centres, legal firms, and financial institutions. The corporate-style interior design prioritises functionality and professionalism, creating a space that’s both visually appealing and conducive to productivity.

What’s more, the style is accentuated by a clean, minimalistic aesthetic that gives a professional impression and a productive atmosphere. It heavily relies on neutral colour schemes such as white, black, beige, and grey, with occasional pops of colour used sparingly as accents.

Furniture and decor are often simple and functional, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Lighting is also important in corporate-style design, with ample natural light and task lighting used to create a bright and welcoming workspace.

In addition to aesthetics, corporate-style interior design also takes into consideration the practical needs of the space. This includes factors such as workstation layout and storage, which are all designed to create a comfortable and efficient working environment.

Industrial urban design style | Bowen Interiors

2) Industrial + Urban Style: Embracing Raw Elegance and Functional Design

Industrial interior design features design elements borrowed from industrial and urban spaces, such as factories, warehouses, and loft apartments. It heavily relies on materials in its raw form, such as exposed brick, concrete, metal, and wood to create a rough and unfinished look. 

Industrial-styled workplaces also include open spaces with large windows that enable the entrance of natural light. Artificial lighting is also industrial-themed with elements like pendant lights and exposed bulbs. 

The industrial/urban design style usually uses a darker colour palette that includes the following neutral colours: grey, white, and black. The result is a style that creates a natural, raw tone. 

Furniture and decor in an industrial-designed workplace are functional and utilitarian, with a focus on simplicity and durability.

luxe design style | Bowen Interiors

3) Luxe Style: Sophisticated and Prestigious Workspaces

When you think of Luxe style, picture a workspace that exudes elegance and sophistication. Luxe interiors are all about creating a sense of grandeur, making them an excellent choice for high-end businesses and professional services firms. The materials used in these spaces often include lavish elements such as marble, brass, velvet, and crystal accents.

The furniture you’ll find in a Luxe style office typically features high-quality, classic, and plush pieces. Imagine leather executive chairs and sleek glass desks, all complemented by opulent conference tables. Wall coverings often showcase elegant wallpapers with subtle patterns or bold textured panels, while flooring options range from marble and hardwood to high-quality carpeting.

To complete the luxurious atmosphere, Luxe style offices often feature statement lighting, like chandeliers and pendant lights, that add an extra touch of refinement.

minimalist design style | Bowen Interiors

4) Minimalist Style: Mastering Simplicity and Clarity in the Modern Office

The minimalist design style emphasises simplicity by including the bare essentials, resulting in a relaxing, uncluttered workspace. It aims to create a relaxing environment that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Minimalist office spaces feature light and soft natural shares from a monochromatic colour palette, typically grey, beige, or white. They also incorporate clean lines and a limited number of functional furniture and accessories are used as highlights.

On top of that, offices that adopt a minimalist style usually include open-plan areas with a limited number of furniture items. And while this style emphasises simplicity over anything else, it also incorporates thoughtful accents and details that add a touch of elegance and personality to the space.

This might include a statement light fixture, a piece of artwork or decoration, or a carefully curated collection of objects.

boho style | Bowen Interiors

Image Source: Office Snapshot

5) Boho Style: An Eclectic and Creative Workspace

On the other hand, the Boho style offers a warm, cozy, and eclectic environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. This design aesthetic is perfect for innovative and artistic workspaces looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Boho office interiors are characterized by a mix of patterns, textures, and colors, blending vintage and modern elements seamlessly. Furniture in these spaces often combines reclaimed wood, rattan, and metal, creating an inviting and eclectic atmosphere.

When it comes to wall coverings, Boho style offices feature bold, patterned wallpapers or murals, and gallery walls showcasing an array of artwork. Flooring options lean towards natural materials like wood or cork, with plush rugs layered on top to create warmth and comfort.

Boho style lighting often includes pendant lights with woven or metal shades and an abundance of natural light, resulting in an airy, organic feel.

You will find a reflection of travel and culture in offices inspired by Boho style.

What’s the Right Style for Your Next Commercial Interior Design Project?

Contact us now to discuss the style requirements for the new space and we’ll make your dream workplace a reality!


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