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12 Office Design Considerations That Will Increase Your Productivity at Work


You’ve recently purchased a new office space and you’re planning the big move. As your to-do list continues to grow, many questions spring to mind. 

How will you design your floor plan? What office furniture should you buy? How can you encourage team productivity in the new space?

The goal is to design an office that functions in harmony and inspires your team to succeed. In this article, we’ll walk you through twelve office design considerations to increase productivity in the workplace.

As more organisations switch their focus to collaborative teamwork, office cubicles have declined in popularity. Instead, they’ve been replaced by open floor plans that promote more movement and allow team members to work side-by-side.

Create rows of open tables and desks, allowing colleagues to easily correspond. An open floor plan can also include:

  • Community sofas
  • Room dividers
  • Team recreation areas

This office layout aids in team centricity by allowing various departments to interact with one another throughout the day.

Take steps to reduce office clutter by adding extra storage space and smaller tables. If you haven’t already done so, buy recycle bins and encourage your team to make the environmentally-friendly switch.

Evaluate which functions can become virtual. For instance, invest in an online task manager to reduce physical supplies. These efforts will reduce clutter, foster more open space, and improve productivity at work.

Studies show that there’s a correlation between natural office lighting, employee satisfaction, and team productivity. We recommend placing tables and workstations closest to the windows.

Keep shades open throughout the day to maximize as much light as possible. Sheer type blinds instead of block out blinds are effective if shades are still required to reduce heat/glare, as they do not completely block the light. If used in moderation, the usage of mirrors also creates more natural light for team members in alternative locations. 

In addition to natural lighting, use plants to further promote the outdoors. Plants will help clean and purify the air while brightening up your office space. Select low-maintenance plants that you can easily care for.

Avoid heavy pollinated plants that can cause allergic reactions. Instead, consider the following plant types:

Snake plant

Aloe vera


ZZ plants

You can also incorporate water elements in the workplace with fish tanks. Research different types of aquariums to select an appropriate style, size, and location.

Along with that, you’ll need to determine the types of fish that will be best suited for your office. Next, schedule consistent water changes for proper maintenance.

The colour theme of your office should be a key part of your office design considerations, due to its psychological impact. The following colours are often most effective for productivity:


Blue represents calmness, patience, and honesty. Incorporate lighter shades of blue to help employees feel content and focused.


Light green promotes balance, nature, and stability. Green also takes little to no vision adjustments, which makes it ideal for team members who work long hours.


If you operate a creative-based practice, yellow is the colour that’s most associated with creativity. It’s also known for positivity, excitement, and confidence.

Help increase your productivity at work by creating designated conference rooms. Consider both your company size and individual department sizes to determine the appropriate number of conference rooms.

Ensure that there are also enough conference rooms to go around, based on your company’s meeting cadence. To avoid confusion, grant your team access to a conference room booking system.

Excessive noise can be a large hindrance to easily-distracted team members. Instead, designate specific office areas for social interactions and autonomous work.

For social areas, consider:

Conference rooms

Team break rooms

Recreational rooms

Autonomous work zones can consist of:

Individual pods

Private wellness rooms

Office phone booths

Private work dens

In addition to plants, there are several other ways to improve the air quality in your office. These methods include but aren’t limited to:

Replacing air filters on a routine basis

Ensuring that air vents are unblocked

Clean air ducts regularly

Open windows for fresh air

On top of that, select a signature office scent. Steer clear of strong sugary scents, as these can overpower the workspace. Instead, try the following:


Citrus has been linked to more physical energy and alertness. This will inspire proactive behaviours and increased team productivity.


Ginger is known to combat fatigue. This scent is especially beneficial during dreary weather, lengthy meetings, or after-hour projects when employees often feel the most fatigued.


Lavender is an excellent option for increasing concentration levels and reducing stress. This scent is also linked to mild pain reduction.

Sit-Stand desks offer an array of health benefits for your team, such as increased energy and higher mood levels. Studies have shown that employees who stand more frequently throughout the day have lower risks of heart disease, obesity, and unhealthy blood-sugar levels.

Employees who sit for shorter increments also experience less back pain. Overall, sit-stand desks are one of our top office design tips for improving productivity and encouraging healthy work habits. 

Allow your team to personalize their workspaces with family photographs to add a touch-of-home. You can incorporate wall art as well to brighten up shared spaces and lower stress levels.

Select artwork that demonstrates your brand mission and company culture. Showcase your mission statement as wall art in a prominent spot of your office for high visibility. Positive affirmations also make for impactful wall art in the workplace.

Showcase your team’s accomplishments throughout your office in high-traffic areas. Has your team recently won an award or achieved a new milestone? Has your organization been recognized in the media?

Hang and frame your company’s achievements by the entranceway of the office, so that it’s the first thing your team sees each morning. This will remind them of their accomplishments and inspire them to reach new professional heights.

Design a specific area of your office that’s focused on health and well-being. The simplest way to do this is to stock your break room with an assortment of healthy snacks and beverages.

If you have an unused office room, convert the extra space into a designated employee wellness room. A wellness room should be quiet and free from technology, for employees to unwind, recharge, and de-stress. Provide sufficient space for stretching exercises, meditation, and yoga practices.

Try Our Office Design Considerations

Our office design considerations will allow your team ample opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and maximum productivity. Explore open floor plans, private conference rooms, and designated wellness rooms for ample results.

If you still need assistance, Bowen Interiors can help. Bowen Interiors has been providing office interior design services for over forty years, offering everything from workspace planning, furniture specification, interior design, and construction to fulfil all of your workspace needs.

Contact us today to speak to our team of consultants. We look forward to hearing from you!

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