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10 Office Renovation Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project


office renovation ideas | Bowen Interiors

Ever since the work-from-home trend began, office renovations have become increasingly popular. While it may seem contradictory, it, in fact, makes perfect sense: you need to go the extra mile to make your employees want to come into the office for a productive workday.

Your office space needs to be a place of creativity, inspiration, and productivity. If it’s outdated and drab, it can actually hinder your business progress, and discourage your team from returning to the office.

Many businesses fall into the trap of keeping the same office design for years but, good for you, you’ve decided to switch things up. Because renovations don’t happen every day, you want to make sure they’re special and impactful.

For that reason, we’re going to fill you in on 10 office renovation ideas to help you stand out from the crowd and create a workspace that your employees will love.

Why Should You Renovate Your Corporate Office?

While many businesses shy away from an office renovation, mainly for cost-saving reasons, there are plenty of benefits that come along with upgrading your office space. Below are just a few:

To Boost Employee Productivity & Morale

Your workplace environment and its different elements can have a dramatic effect on your employees’ morale and productivity. Without noticing, you may be surrounding your employees with outdated furniture, uncomfortable chairs, and small cubicles. All of these factors can set up a space that isn’t very conducive to productivity or creativity.

By sprucing up the space, you’ll create an inviting and inspiring atmosphere that encourages them to be their best selves.

To Promote Your Company Brand

If you’re looking for ways to attract potential new customers or investors, nothing says “I mean business” like an attractive office space. That’s because your office space is often one of the first impressions people have of your brand. A modern and updated workspace will reflect who you are as a company and show that you’re a business worth investing in and doing business with.

To Enhance Collaboration & Communication

Not too long ago, some elements, like private offices, were seen as the optimal way of getting work done. However, that’s no longer the case. Today’s offices are built for teams and collaboration, which can help promote communication and creative thinking between your employees.

Renovating your office space is one way to facilitate this type of environment with open seating arrangements, comfortable furniture, ample whiteboards and portable collaboration tools.

To Ensure Safety

Wear and tear is a normal part of having an office space, but it’s important to make sure your employees are working in a safe environment. This means making sure all furniture and equipment are up-to-date and secure, as well as ensuring the safety of the building itself by making any necessary repairs or upgrades. Whether it’s to the electrical system or HVAC, making sure your space is up to code while keeping your employees safe should always be a priority.

By taking the time to refurbish your office space, you can rest assured that everyone in the office is safe and sound and that your brand is sending the right message.

To Keep Up With the Times

A well-maintained office space allows you to stay up-to-date with current design trends and technology. As your company grows, giving it a facelift every few years can help keep it looking modern and fresh. This will make sure you’re keeping up with the times and staying competitive in your industry.

10 Office Renovation Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

By now, you should’ve identified why you need to renovate your office space. But what should it look like? In other words, what should you focus on when it comes to updating your office space? These 10 corporate office design ideas can help you get started.

office renovation windows | Bowen Interiors

1. Let the Sunshine In

Far too many offices are dark and dingy, with only fluorescent lighting to brighten the room. Even worse, some offices don’t have windows. Studies have found that such office conditions can cause anxiety and depression, which, in turn, decreases productivity.

It’s for that reason that one of the best office renovation ideas is to install windows or skylights wherever possible so that you and your employees can get some much-needed natural light. Not only will it make the space more pleasant, but it’ll provide a welcome boost to everyone’s mood. And when the overall mood is good, productivity follows.

Of course, you won’t be able to have the sun streaming in through every corner, but you can do things like move walls, rearrange the office layout, or install lightweight partitions to bring in more natural light. Alternatively, you can use reflective surfaces (like mirrors) to increase the brightness of your office space.

quality furniture | Bowen Interiors

2. Invest in Quality Furniture

Given the amount of time that your employees spend in the office, it’s important that you invest in quality furniture. Imagine sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 8 hours a day—not exactly conducive to your employees’ productivity! Not only will quality office furniture give your office a professional aesthetic that’ll impress visitors, but it’ll also reduce fatigue and promote better concentration.

A good idea is to opt for ergonomic furniture whenever possible, like adjustable office chairs with headrests and armrests as well as sit-stand desks so that employees can customise their setup to fit their individual needs. For you, the result will be a typical 25% increase in worker productivity. That’s not to mention fewer missed days due to aches and pains.

office art | Bowen Interiors

3. Hang Large Works of Art

If you feel that your current office space doesn’t reflect your company’s identity, why not add a few bold pieces of art? Not only will it reflect your brand’s values and break the monotony of the office, but it’ll also stimulate creative thinking. Because think about it: is it better to stare at a blank wall or at a vibrant painting? Not just that, but hanging large works of art can also help open up the office space, making it look larger and more inviting.

If you don’t want to invest in expensive artwork, there are plenty of affordable alternatives. For instance, you can hang large-scale posters or framed photos of landscapes, abstract art, and even inspiring quotes. No matter what you’re looking for, these simple design modifications can transform your office from dull to dynamic in no time.

make use of space | Bowen Interiors

4. Make the Most of Your Existing Space

A lot of businesses postpone their office renovation projects under the impression that their existing space is too small. However, even small office spaces can be transformed into efficient and comfortable workspaces with the right design.

For example, installing wall panels or cabinets that split the room into separate work areas is a great way to divide your office space without sacrificing valuable floor room. You might also want to consider replacing bulky furniture with more compact pieces (or even foldable furniture that can be tucked away when not in use) or tinkering around with potential layouts to find one that maximises the efficiency of your space.

With some creative thinking and clever design solutions, you can make the most of your existing space. Even minor changes can have a surprisingly big impact.

living space | Bowen Interiors

5. Incorporate “Living Space”

Remember when we said that because of work-from-home models, you’re now going to have to go the extra mile to make your employees want to come back to the office? It’s true – you’re competing with the comfort and convenience of their own home.

This is where you’ll actually do something about it. It isn’t about incentives or bonuses – it’s about creating an office environment that’s so inviting and comfortable that your employees will want to be there. Incorporating what we call “living space” elements.

As the name implies, living space elements are those that you’d typically find in a home – things like bean bags, couches, lounge chairs, coffee tables, rugs, plants, and other comfortable seating areas. Even the smallest office spaces can benefit from such elements because they make the space feel more personal and inviting.

You could even install a mini-kitchenette so that employees can grab a coffee, tea, or snacks while they’re working. Better yet, you could set up a comfortable lounge area for employees to take breaks or just sit and chat.

This may sound like an extravagance, but it isn’t. With these additions, you’ll create a more “homey” atmosphere in which employees feel safe, relaxed and productive. This reflects positively ultimately on your bottom line, retention rates, and employee morale.

office flooring | Bowen Interiors

6. Change Your Current Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important elements of your office design, and it’s, unfortunately, one of the most overlooked. With your office floor, you want to focus on it being both aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time.

If you’re still dealing with old, worn-out flooring – or worse, carpets that are home to years of stains – it’s time for an upgrade. Replacing your carpets with a modern-looking laminate or tile can instantly make your office look more professional and inviting. Not only will it make the environment visually pleasing, but you’ll also benefit from its durability and ability to stand up to heavy traffic.

And if your budget doesn’t stretch to a complete flooring overhaul, you could always opt for polishing your current floors and giving the carpets (if any) a thorough shampooing. This can give them a much-needed makeover and last them for many years to come. All you need is the right cleaning products, and you’ll be on your way to achieving a brand-new look for a fraction of the cost.

biophilic design | Bowen Interiors

7. Go Green With Biophilic Design

If you’ve been hearing about biophilic design and wondering what all the fuss is about, now’s the perfect time to find out. Biophilic design is a concept that focuses on incorporating natural elements into your office aesthetic. This could be anything from adding living plants to the space, installing natural lighting, or introducing water features like fountains and mini-waterfalls.

The reason there’s such hype about biophilic design is that it has the potential to improve your employees’ well-being, increase productivity levels, and make everyone happier overall. It has been proven that productivity increases by at least 8% and well-being by 13% just by introducing these natural elements into the workspace.

And if you opt for a green wall – by installing vertical gardens inside or outside the office – you’ll also benefit from better air quality and reduced noise pollution, which is a welcome bonus.

If you’re just getting started, a few must-have elements for biophilic design include indoor plants, natural lighting, and improved air ventilation. You can also look into incorporating other elements such as water features, sound-muffling acoustic panels, natural textures and colours, and artworks that feature nature scenes or wildlife themes – the possibilities are endless.

accent wall | Bowen Interiors

8. Paint an Accent Wall

Colours are one of the main components of any office design and can make all the difference when it comes to creating a positive work environment. Think of it: does a grey office feel inviting and cheerful or does it make you dread the start of a new work day?

An easy way to give a dull office a fresh look is to paint an accent wall. You can paint it in a bright, cheery colour or opt for a nature-inspired wallpaper design – the choice is yours! However, make it one that stands out from the rest with its vibrant or earthy hues.

The result is that you’ll instantly feel more positive and inspired, and so will your employees. It all has to do with colour psychology.

9. Let Team Members Personalise Their Spaces

No matter how good the office design is, it still takes more to make a workspace feel comfortable and motivating. The best way to do that is by allowing team members to personalise their own space according to their preferences. This will give them a sense of ownership and belonging that will further motivate them.

Encourage employees to bring photos of family and friends, mementos from past trips, quirky desk accessories, office wall decor, or even a few plants in order to make their desk space feel like home. Also, if you have an open office plan, give them the option to install dividers or screens if they want more private spaces.

Generally, it’s important for everyone to feel as though they can express themselves in the workplace. And when your employees make their workspaces “theirs”, it becomes a reflection of who they are and makes it harder for them to be unhappy at work.

decrease clutter | Bowen Interiors

10. Increase Storage to Decrease Clutter

Lastly, one of the most essential office remodelling ideas is to increase storage capacity. Clutter can be a major problem in any working environment, so investing in organizational solutions such as lockers or shelves is always a great idea.

The worst thing for productivity is having to constantly search for documents or other items in disorganized piles. Even worse, the concept of walking into a messy workspace can be demotivating for employees.

Organized storage solutions can help ensure that everyone knows exactly where things are. It’s also important to make sure there’s enough space for everyone’s belongings – both their work-related stuff and anything else they may need to store while at work.

For that reason, you don’t have to do all the work – you can also give employees the opportunity to personalise their spaces further with decorative boxes or baskets that they can put next to their office desk. That way, they can keep their items neat and tidy, while expressing themselves creatively in the process.

Deliver on Your Vision: Choose a Design Team That Understands Your Goals

As you see, there are plenty of office remodelling ideas to get you started. From simple changes such as flooring and paint to more complex ones like biophilic design, there’s so much to be done!

However, not to overwhelm yourself, the key is to understand your own goals and what you want to achieve out of your renovation project. From there, the most important step is to find the right design team – one that will deliver on your vision.

At Bowen Interiors, we offer custom solutions tailored to any vision you may have – from the flooring to the furniture, we have done it all! We understand the importance of making sure that your workspace reflects the identity of your company, and our experienced team works with you every step of the way to help you make it a reality.

From concept to completion, from full-scale remodel from top to bottom or minor adjustments such as furniture changes, let Bowen Interiors bring your vision to life.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you bring the best out of your workspace. In no time, you’ll have your dream space all set to go!


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