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Top 10 benefits of a professional office fit out


Commercial office design makes a significant contribution to the success of a company. Businesses can leverage a range of real business benefits from a professional office fit out.

With the support of commercial fitout professionals, your office can create an inspiring environment that helps your people thrive.

Why should you consider a professional office fit out?

Commercial spaces have a tremendous impact on the work performed there, since businesses and the employees who work for them are influenced by their functional space. A workspace significantly impacts output and efficiencies, while also affecting less tangible things like staff wellbeing and workplace culture.

Commercial interior design projects often become the responsibility of employees who may not have a lot of experience in office space planning. This can be a daunting responsibility and there is a risk of missing out on key benefits that a professional interior design and fitout company can deliver.

A professional office fit out sets the tone for your business and acts as a launching pad for the value you create. It makes a good impression with your employees, current and prospective clients, and suppliers.

When would you consider a professional office fit out?

Knowing when to start considering a new commercial office fitout, whether it’s a new office space or a refurbishment of your existing premises, can be challenging. There are a range of reasons that may prompt you to start considering a new office fitout.

Some examples include:

  • You have future plans for company growth or you’ve outgrown your current office space and need a larger commercial office space
  • You want to use your workspace to better support your employees and their productivity, and
  • You believe a new space can contribute to your brand image, deliver additional marketing opportunities or help make a better first impression with new clients.

No matter the reason, it’s always good to remember to start planning early. An easy way to start your thinking is to simply speak with professional interior designers for guidance.

The top 10 advantages of a professional office fit out you don’t want to miss

Here are the key benefits your business can leverage.

1) Align with your company culture and vision

A key benefit of a professional office fitout is when the interior design of your space reflects your corporate culture and company vision. A culturally-aligned office space communicates your values to your employees, your customers and other stakeholders who may be important to you. Your office space becomes part of your organisational DNA.

2) Your brand image is on display

Your brand image is what you are known for. Your fitout is the ultimate expression of your brand image as it embodies your brand in a physical space. It delivers a critical first impression to your guests and prospective customers. The benefit of the professional design is that your fitout will also continuously communicate your brand to your employees.

3) Boost productivity

Improving employee morale and fostering increased productivity is a key benefit of professional interior design.

Just as the vision and culture of your business are unique, so also is how your employees complete their work individually or in teams. The benefit of a well-considered workspace office design takes this into account, cultivates talent, helps employees stay focused while fostering collaboration.

4) Increased employee satisfaction

An important benefit of a professionally-designed office is that it creates a vibrant community of happy employees who support each other and the company’s mission.

Now more than ever, commercial workplace design needs to inspire employees so that businesses can thrive. This is achieved by reimagining how physical office spaces and digital infrastructures can satisfy employee preferences and compete for top talent.

Ideally, this translates into your employees becoming brand ambassadors for your company.

5) Efficient use of office space

Commercial interior designers will consider space planning and how your new office space will flow to best suit the way your business operates and utilise with efficient space utlisation. How people work together and how movement takes place through the different workspaces. Active design promotes physical activity and wellbeing, and the right flow of your dynamic business will factor in how your professional fit out encourages movement throughout the office spaces.

6) Better team collaboration

With a professional fitout, teams that need to be near each other for better collaboration will be strategically planned. How employees access different areas of collaboration such as meeting rooms or breakout spaces will also be factored in to create efficiencies. Collaboration is key to fostering creativity and innovation, in turn creating a more engaged and empowered team.

7) Optimise for different working requirements

The modern office workplace optimises the efficient use of different spaces with different purposes to inspire people and businesses to thrive.

Spaces can be designed to produce a variety of specific performance outcomes, such as productivity, increased innovation or collaboration.

Commercial interior design and strategic use of different spaces can include a variety of purposes for different spaces within a workplace, which can include activity-based spaces, meeting spaces, breakout spaces and many others.

8) The right technology is considered

An office fitout will factor in and incorporate the technology requirements of your business. This will include the types of technology deployed that support your business operations, such as touchscreen smart boards for collaboration, identity access management (IAM) and video conferencing equipment.

9) Office furniture and storage solutions that work for you

Commercial office furniture is at the centre of your workspace and is an important contributor to your brand, culture and the happiness, wellbeing and productivity of your employees.

Professional office fit outs also factor in the all-important storage solutions your business may need, Whether it’s equipment, business essentials, stationery, marketing collateral or archive filing. The storage solutions will also factor in your technology, for example for on-premise servers.

10) Compliance requirements are met

Meeting compliance or health and safety requirements for your new space is critical. The benefit of a professional office fit out and engaging interior designers is that they bring an understanding of the standards or legislation that may affect office fitouts.

When it comes to office fitouts, every project is unique, so other requirements may apply. That’s why a key benefit of a professional office fitout is the assurance of meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

The benefits of using a commercial fitout company

Since the design and layout of an office space has such an immense impact on the work performed there, working with a dedicated workspace design partner is essential to ensure the best possible results. The right fitout partner can ensure a professional office fit out that unlocks the full potential of your employees and delivers the best solution possible for you and your workspace.

These business benefits include:

1) You access expertise in design, project management and construction

Engaging an office fitout company ensures you get an all-in-one solution across interior design, project management and construction. This means you benefit from a seamless process and communication from initial design concept to project completion.

2) You get a fresh perspective on office design elements

One of the benefits of engaging an office fitout company is getting access to the latest trends, including materials, technologies, working methods, and sustainable building practices. It’s important to balance proven design and construction practices with creativity and innovation.

3) You leverage a team with demonstrable experience and expertise

A professional company with demonstrable experience and expertise will have designed many offices and delivered a wide range of office fit outs. The benefit is the confidence this demonstrable experience can elicit that you have made a good choice. Professional recommendations will also substantiate this.

4) You can rely on a team that has proven project management experience

Successful project management is about planning and meeting goals within defined parameters. The right office design company should be deeply experienced in delivering this to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget.

5) You can reduce project timelines

When engaging a team of office fit out professionals, various project elements can be conducted in parallel. This reduces the project timeline significantly versus engaging a separate designer and builder.

6) You reduce the distracting workload for you and your team

With a team managing the entire fit out project, you and your employees can focus on day-to-day business operations with minimal disruptions.

What to consider when choosing the best commercial fitout company

When choosing an office fitout company that is right for you, there are a number of considerations to make, including:

  • How they listen to you and understand your company’s vision and your challenges
  • Whether they can support your fitout project end to end, and
  • Are focused on the best outcome for your project budget.

Discover our top tips to help you choose the best design company for your fitout project.

Ready to create an inspiring office space where your people and business thrive?

Whether your office planning is for a redesign of a current office space or office relocation, we can assist you every step of the way.

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